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Memorial Preschool Philosophy...

Memorial Preschool is an outreach program developed by Memorial United Methodist Church in 1983 for the community of Terre Haute.  Teachers openly welcome each child, accepting each as an individual with his or her own way of growing and learning.  We gladly accept each child as a special individual uniquely created and loved by God.


The child’s time is organized to provide positive learning through a balance of active and inactive work and play.  The curriculum is planned with a hands-on approach through the integration of learning. While we will not be instructing the children in a particular religious doctrine, we try to have a Christian influence in all we do.  This includes grace before snacks, Bible Stories included in our story times, Christian songs and crafts that go along with a Bible story.

Mission Statement

It is the mission of Memorial Preschool to provide a safe learning environment for young children in a setting of Christian caring and love.  The curriculum is planned to promote the positive development of children’s social, emotional, cognitive, and physical needs.  Children are welcomed as unique individuals.  Communication and interaction with families of the children are program components.

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