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Organizing The Nursery School Terre Haute Memorial UM Church...

In November 1981, the Bishop appointed Lloyd Wright to become the pastor to Terre Haute Memorial United Methodist Church.  At one of the earlier Administrative Board meeting, he asked the question as to why with so many young couples, with so many children, and so much usable space, he wondered why there was not a Nursery School.  They said that they did not have one because no one knew how to start one.  He said his wife (Marie) taught Elementary School in Brown County and was the Director of Children/Adult Education at Old North UMC in Evansville, Indiana.  He came home and said to me, “I have a challenge for you”.


This was an opportunity as well as a challenge.  Help was needed.  Leona Emsweller and Peggy Eichelberger had worked with children’s programs before.  The three of us teamed together to start planning the program.  We had several meetings at the parsonage.  Four things we needed to do were:

  1. A working design

  2. Seed money

  3. Approval from the Sunday School to use their rooms

  4. Approval by the Trustees to use the building for the Nursery School.


The design consisted of:
    1.  Curriculum
    2.  Materials needed
    3.  Layout of the rooms
    4.  Additional help


Seed Money:

  • Rev. Wright made a visit with Florence Ennis.  She was really sold on the idea.  She asked him how much was needed to start the program.  He said $5000.00 and would she be willing to give $1000.00.  Her answer was she would give half--$2500.00.

  • He then went to an anonymous donor, who also thought it was a good idea and this person gave the additional $2500.00.  Other support was forthcoming.


Approval of the Sunday School Teachers for use of the rooms:

  •  All teachers approved the use of their rooms.  The Nursery School would store their materials and return the rooms for Sunday morning.



  • After the program was worked out in detail, we requested a meeting with the trustees.  We presented our program step by step.  There was an unanimous approval.

  • Two of the trustees did not disapprove of the program but doubted whether or not the program would be successful.  The first classes started in the Fall of 1983.  The school had a good start and if you could see it now, there could be no doubt that it has been a real success.

Prepared by:  Marie Wright

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